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We have eight factories in Tianjin, which can produce profiles, square tubes, galvanizing, cutting, punching, etc. At the same time, there are partners to produce photovoltaic support components. According to the drawings provided by customers, the finished products can be produced. After the products reach the project location, the workers can install them directly and save the construction time of the project.


If the customer needs, we can provide installation services, the worker can be from China or the local of the project. Customers only need to appoint a few people as on-site guidance and supervision. If there are any installation problems, we will provide solutions and solve them on-site.


Our company has huge funds as support, can provide financial services for customers, if customers have financial needs, we can accept forward letters of credit, bank guarantees, credit sales and other payment methods. At the same time, we also have great guarantees services to customers. In 5-10 years, we can provide customers with free replacement of any non-artificial damage bracket components.